In the 1st round of Prva HNL Istra 1961 hosted Slaven Belupo at Aldo Drosina.
Istra’s coach Manolo Márquez has sent these starting 11 on the pitch: Čondrić; Senzemba, Rodriguez, Rufati, Franić; Espinosa, Ivančić, Sane, Miljanić, Grujević; Roce (c)

After a safe start, Slaven Belupo gets a first chance in 10th minute. Šarlija have tried with volley but it was an easy task for Čondrić.
Slaven had the initiative, but they had to wait for their next chance for 15 minutes. After intercepting Espinosa’s pass Bongongui took a powerful shot, but the result remained 0:0.
Čondrić has saved Istra once more in the first half when Bongongui had a great chance.

In the second half Istra had a first chance – Sane lost his marker on the wing and tried to score. It flew over the bar.
Slaven scored their leading goal in 52nd minute. Bongongui’s shot was deflected and went in to the net. Istra 1961 0-1 Slaven Belupo

In 64th minute substitution in Istra – Vila and Rubić came in instead of Roce and Miljanić.
Only a minute later Grujević crossed the ball to the box, Sane has hit the ball with his head and it went wide.
Istra got their equaliser in 75th minute. Franić dribbled his marker on the right side, made a good cross and Rubić was left alone by Slaven’s defender. He kept his nerves and scored a header for 1-1.
Istra had a chance to take the lead at 84th minute when Sane found Segado who’s header was saved by goalkeeper Marković.
In stoppage time Slaven had another chance – Čondrić managed to push away a very difficult cross to handle from the goal.

NK Istra 1961 1:1 NK Slaven Belupo
(74’ Rubić; 52’ Bongongui)