Football club Istra 1961  sports joint stock company for performing sports activities,
Mate Balote 11, HR – 52100 Pula; OIB: 39939521507; MBS: 040273440 registered with the Commercial Court in Pazin
IBAN: HR7123900011101285959 kod Hrvatska Poštanska Banka d.d., Zagreb
Share capital 47,683,000.00 kn, paid in full and divided into 5,720 ordinary shares of the 1st issue, 2,860 shares of the 2nd issue, 21,610 shares of the 3rd issue, 10,602 shares of the 4th issue and 54,574 shares of the 5th issue with a nominal amount of 500.00 kuna
Board of Directors: Branko Devide Vincenti, President; Anton Percan, Deputy President; Mikel Lauzurica Evolet, Member; Haritz Kerejeta, Member; Darko Podnar, Member
CEO: Mikel Lauzurica Evolet