NK Osijek 3:0 NK Istra 1961

(49’ Henty, 73’ Hajradinović (penal), 80’ Lončar)[:us]After a visit to Maksimir, it was time for an away match at Osijek. Zeleno-žuti have won one point in the first 2 games, while Osijek had the maximum effect.

These 11 have started the match: Čondrić; Franić, Oneto, Rodriguez, Grujević; Cardozo, Espinosa; Rubić, Ivančić, Sane; Mierez.


Osijek had their first chance in 5th minute. Bočkaj have tried from a free-kick, but he hit the wall. Istra waited patiently on the chances and one came in 23rd minute. Sane led the counter attack, tried from distance, ball went inches by the post. Kamenar also had a chance in the first half, it was an easy save for Čondrić, and Bočkaj’s shot from the distance went wide.


Osijek have started second half better. In 48th minute Čondrić saves Hajradinović’s shot from distance.

Only a minute later Kamenar played a ball through to Henty who kept calm and scored for 1-0.

Istra have tried to equalise from a free kick in 69th minute over Cardozo, but ball flew over the bar.

It was 72nd minute when Osijek threatened Istra’s goal. Henty tried, Čondrić saved. Only a minute later Osijek gets a penalty. Hajradinović scores and it’s 2-0.

Osijek got third goal in 80th minute after Hajradinović’s corner – Lončar was the highest in the box and scored for 3-0.

Istra have tried to get at least a goal and Segado was close to it, but ball went inches by left post.


NK Osijek 3:0 NK Istra 1961

(49’ Henty, 73’ Hajradinović (penal), 80’ Lončar)