The green yellows played their first SuperSport Croatian Football Cup match yesterday! In the 1/16 match of the final part of the competition, the seniors played against NK Grobničan away and in the end won with a score of 1:2! It was not an easy match – the hosts showed combativeness, readiness, endurance in the duels, but the green yellows still controlled the game and the ball more and dominated on the opponent’s half of the pitch. The first goal was scored by Erceg in the 20th minute of the game when he broke through the defense of Grobničan and went out in front of the goalkeeper and safely put the ball into the net. A few minutes later, the hosts equalized from a quick action and the score at halftime was 1:1. In the second half, the green yellows started putting more pressure on the team from Grobničan, which failed in the 85th minute when there was a crowd in front of Curać’s goal and Kadušić put the ball into the net for the final 1:2. Round 1/8 will be played in Zagreb with NK Rudeša on November 9 at 14:00.