On Saturday, in the premises of our Aldo Drosina stadium, examinations were held for the players of our younger categories of the youth school, as part of the project “Show your heart”, organized by the Croatian Football Association.

From CFF they say: The socially responsible project “Show your heart” aims to raise awareness of the care for the health of athletes in general, to improve health care through education that includes mastering the basic techniques of providing first aid, especially cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of an automatic external defibrillator. Many sports clubs are equipped with it, and the correct use of it significantly (up to 74%) increases the chances of saving a life.

You can get more information at https://hns-cff.hr/news/24223/predstavljen-projekt-pokazi-srce/.

Children of various ages performed heart examinations and other physical factors important for monitoring in athletes, as well as practical examples such as learning how to do a heart massage. Below see the photos we used to mark this meeting. Thank you to the medical staff and all the coaches and players who responded to the examination of their own health condition. We encourage other sports clubs to join this extremely useful and educational project!