Today, a press conference was held ahead of the match of the 15th round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with Rijeka, which is scheduled for Saturday, October 29, starting at 3 pm. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Ante Erceg announced the match.

Tomorrow we have a good derby at a wonderful stadium, and against a strong opponent. Rijeka is trying to come back from a bad situation, and we are going to continue with the good season we have had so far and emphasize the desire to win at Rujevica. Last season, we failed to win only against Rijeka and Šibenik, and this year – I think – we are better in some areas so that we don’t lose games like that. Let’s go there to enjoy the match, show quality and how much we want those three points! Rijeka is improving more and more in the last games, after the change of many players and coaches. The situation is great with us, except that Kiki got injured in training and we are very sorry about that, because he is an extremely hardworking player and a high quality, very good person. The table is not so important to me at this moment, how important it is that we continue to implement our plan and actions, said the coach at the conference.

To begin with, I would like to wish Kiki a fast recovery, because I know what he is going through, and I have gone through the same thing myself. Rijeka has had several accidents this season in terms of injured players, and otherwise a very good team that does not belong in the 9th position. We have a very difficult game ahead of us against a strong team that plays good football on its own field. Also, tomorrow we play against 13 players – we get cards too easily and we have to be ready. I saw that the list of referees changed just before the game. In football – players, coaches and clubs should be in focus – and not the urge to look first at who in black will be with us on the field, and then who will be the opponent. There are a lot of interruptions and cards, it is very difficult to watch the games and so football falls into the background. I feel a bias towards some, and towards some the complete opposite. I didn’t play the last match with Rijeka because we had that virus, and the most important thing for me is that we play as well as possible and win – I don’t worry about my own numbers. The river will surely rise and end its bad streak, I just hope it won’t be tomorrow. We are going to win tomorrow – we are a good team and we like to outplay each other. I expect a match with a lot of chances and goals, and Rijeka, who will play hard to win, while we play openly and want to compete with everyone. I hope that in the end we will come out as winners for the first time, said Ante.