Today, a press conference was held on the occasion of the presentation of the new coach of Istra 1961. The press conference was attended by the sports director Mr. Saša Bjelanović and the new head coach of the team, Mr. Mislav Karoglan.


It is a great honor for me to present Mr. Mislav Karoglan, who will be the head coach of Istra 1961. I think that we managed to find an adequate replacement for Mr. Garcia in a fairly short period of time, we have absolutely no doubt that we got in Mislav a coach and a person who absolutely fits in what we want as a club, which is a club that will progress. Mislav is a talented coach who has been in Hajduk for the last four years, where he worked his way up from the Youth School to assistant head coach to head coach. It is a real pleasure for me because with him we got a person who will bring us what we are looking for in the long term, says sports director Saša Bjelanović.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude that I was chosen, especially by Mr. Bjelanović. I come with a lot of expectations to this club and to continue in this positive wave that is currently happening in Istria in the last two years. We are currently familiarizing ourselves with all the conditions in Istria and with other things so that we can have a bigger picture, so that they will be ready for Monday when we start preparations.
I followed Istra, as well as the entire league, for one top season, I would say two seasons, which is rare for such continuity of a coach. Istria played recognizable football and they deserve to be where they are. I have great respect for Mr. Garcia and I immediately recognized that coaching trait of his. I am not afraid of challenges, I hope that together with the staff I will get the most out of the team, and only work, that is the only way, says the new head coach of the team, Mr. Karoglan.