Today, a press conference was held before the match of the 20th round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with NK Varaždin, which is scheduled for Friday, February 3, starting at 5:00 pm. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Matej Vuk announced the match.

I always say before the games with Varaždin – it is physically a very strong team and one of the best in the league, so I know that we will definitely have a difficult game, but also one that we will enjoy. In the last two matches with Varaždin, we saw how strong they are as a team and how they have individuals who can score a goal out of nowhere, like Teklić, who is fantastic this season. I think we controlled the pitch in the last game with them, compared to our poor performance at the beginning. I expect that Varaždin will be aggressive tomorrow, but we are also strong, so we want to show our progress and go for the win. I’m not interested in positions in the league, but for our team to show continuity and effort, and the play we practice, coach Garcia addressed the media.

We are playing against a good team tomorrow, but despite that, I see no reason why we should not go for the win. I believe that we dominated the field in the last round and the one before that, and deservedly won on Sunday. We have to go in tomorrow with the same positive thinking and energy to confirm the current result. We don’t need to look at who is where on the table, we still have a lot of games ahead of us – we should just keep doing what we do well from game to game and take three points. I expect a tough Varaždin, which will be difficult to break and for us to score, but I think we will take the initiative and lead the game, said Matej at the conference.