A press conference was held today ahead of the sixth round match of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with Rijeka, which is scheduled for Sunday, August 21, starting at 6:55 pm. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Vinko Petković announced the match.

I expect one of the best derbies for us. Last season we lost all points against Rijeka, despite the fact that we played some games well. This time I hope we will have a better result and give the audience more joy. During the week, we had some problems with viruses in the team, but the guys were all extremely willing and motivated to train and prepare as much as possible for Sunday. I believe that we are on the right track and in the process of building, and that we are ready for this stronger match that we are waiting for, said coach Garcia.

I expect fast and aggressive football from Rijeka, but I think that we need to look more at ourselves and the implementation of the tactics and ideas that the coach has put in front of us. I think that if we are the real us in the stadium, with the support of our fans, we can take all three points. From match to match, we look better and also improving in training. I believe that we must complicate the game for Rijeka and strive for better things – not just fight at the bottom. Let’s win the points at home, said Vinko at the conference.