Today, a press conference was held on the occasion of the presentation of three new players of Istra 1961, namely Marijan Ćorić, Zoran Josipović and Mahmoud Abdallahi. The sports director, Mr. Saša Bjelanović, and team manager Goran Roce also attended the conference.

Hello everyone and thank you once again for coming despite such ugly weather! Introducing the new players today. Marijan Ćorić is here with us – a local player who has already been the goalkeeper in the past, surely you know him better than I do. Marijan will compete alongside Majkić and Kunšt, and with his experience and quality he can certainly help us achieve our goals. Furthermore, here is Zoran Josipović who arrived yesterday, practically the last arrival. We wanted to strengthen the team, and we decided to invite Zoran with his good technique, attacking characteristics and precise left foot. We are getting him back to his best form a little by little, as he started later than us with preparations, but I also believe that we will benefit a lot from Zoran’s knowledge. Finally there is Mahmoud Abdallahi, also another player you know. With his qualities, he can really help us in the midfield and we are happy that he came, as well as the other players. At this moment, I am satisfied with how we will start the championship! – addressed Mr. Bjelanović at the press conference.

Good day everyone, here I am very happy that I got the chance to play for Istra again. My path was not easy, you already know that. When I heard that Istra was interested in my arrival, I immediately accepted the opportunity and I am very satisfied with both the training and the preparatory matches in which I have already participated. Little by little I am moving towards my goal to get back on track and reach the highest level in the Croatian football league. Everyone here accepted me in a friendly manner, they are engaged and are doing their best to achieve the best possible results with our club, said Marijan.

Good day everyone, I’m Zoran Josipović! I arrived yesterday, and today I already did the first training. I consider this my opportunity to return to big football through the Croatian league, which I think is very good. I see that good things can be done here at the club and we are not lacking anything. The coaches and players accepted me very well, which makes me very happy. I can’t wait to get back in shape completely and to start the championship and matches, said Zoran.

Good day to all! I am very happy to be part of the club again and I am very grateful to the coach and sports director for inviting me, and I want to justify the trust on the field. I feel happy and satisfied in this team and I am happy that the coaches and some players have remained the same, I adapted much faster. By the way, I like the city of Pula itself and I feel good here, said Mahmoud at the conference.