Today, a press conference was held ahead of the match of the third round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League against Dinamo, which is scheduled for Friday, July 29, starting at 9 pm. Head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Frano Mlinar announced the match at the conference.

On Friday, we have a particularly demanding match against one of the strongest and best teams in the league. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity for us to take on our true form and get ourselves in better shape. We must not think too much about them, we must concentrate on our game and structure and how to gain an identity. We want to maintain compactness and team spirit, said coach Garcia at the press conference.

First of all, we congratulate Dinamo on advancing in the European competition, as well as our other clubs, because it is extremely important for Croatian football. We left a heavy defeat and the week behind us, but we managed to get positive reactions in training. We hope to give Dinamo a strong answer on Friday. The team has been preparing this week and we want to focus on us as a group, raise our mentality and energy, Frano said.