On today’s press conference at 13:00 coach Manolo Marquez was joined by Marin Grujević.

At the beginning coach Manolo Marquez commented on the current Istra’s team: “We are very young team, almost all players are new here and maybe more will come, so the squad needs some time for mutual adaptation.”
He also made a comment about Slaven Belupo’s squad: “We all know that it will be hard match. True, some of the key players left Slaven, but the team frame is the same. We know they will be very organised and disciplined. I have a vision how we should play against them, because we studied them a lot and I prepared team accordingly.”

Grujević also mentioned good work on transfers by Slaven, but he first invited fans: “First of all I’d like to invite all the fans to come on Sunday and give us their support. We all know how important the first match is, especially because of tough schedule we have. We’re expecting a hard match. We respect them, but we’re playing home in front of our fans and we will give everything we have for result.
I think we had a good preseason and that we made progress. Of course, our wish is to be better and better each week, but our current focus is on Slaven Belupo.”

At the end coach revealed captains: Goran Roce is captain, second captain is Čuljak and third captain is Grujević.

Sunday 29th, 18:30, NK Istra 1961 – NK Slaven Belupo[:]