Today, Nk Istra 1961 signed a partnership agreement with Nk Barban 2013. Mr. Vitomir Butorac, the head of our youth school, and the president of Nk Barban, Mr. Mauro Kalčić, participated in the official signing of the contract. This partnership will be aimed at integrating and improving the football experience of mutual players of both clubs in the categories of Pioneers, Cadets and Juniors of the youth school. The exchange of players and work on their skills and football knowledge are the main goals of this newly achieved cooperation.

We hope that in the coming time we will get more ambitious players from Barban, such as our Antonio Maurić, who has already played for the first team. We are ready for open communication and agreement during this cooperation, for which we are very grateful, said Mr. Butorac.

I thank the club for recognizing our potential and working with children in the youth drive Nk Barbana 2013. I am glad that we signed this contract and I hope we will certainly find more successful players like Maurić, among our currently 60 members of the football school, he says Mr. Kalčić.