At today’s meeting in Bale, our club president, Mr. Branko Devide Vincenti, director Mr. Mikel Lauzurica Evolet and the mayor of Bale, Mr. Edi Pastrovicchio signed a pre-agreement on business cooperation regarding the already announced plans to build a football camp. At this meeting, the mentioned representatives met to determine their mutual desire to build and arrange a sports football complex in the Forlanette zone in Bale.

We are extremely glad that we concluded a pre-agreement with the municipality of Bale today. This will be the beginning of a great collaboration aimed at building the football camp of NK Istria in 1961. Once again, we thank Mr. Pastrovicchio for a very quick and efficient reaction and providing a location solution for the future camp. The plan is for the realization to be in the near future so that our seniors, as well as juniors, cadets and pioneers can perform the upcoming preparations on those very fields, said Mr. Devide Vincenti.

The plan is to build four playgrounds, two with artificial grass and two with natural grass, as well as ancillary facilities, which will be part of this functional complex for sports activities. The municipality certainly recognizes the benefits of this project, both in sports and in areas such as hospitality and tourism. This endeavor will benefit the whole community, and in this way we want to encourage the youth of the municipality to dedicate themselves to physical activity and sports. We accept such projects with open arms because we see in them the potential for further development of both children and the whole community, says Mr. Pastrovicchio.