KK Pula 1981 and NK Istra 1961 establish a new cooperation in between both Clubs, joining their ways in order to promote sports activities and events in the city of Pula and the region of Istria. Both clubs aim to develop young players in sports life and have a responsible management of sports clubs. The agreement is based on the beginning of a new relationship that will only grow.

NK Istra 1961 is honored and pleased to cooperate with the Basketball Club of Pula, a very promising team of sportsman who will surely achieve great results in the future of Croatian basketball. I think we have the opportunity to build together an extremely positive and fruitful cooperation for the purpose of basketball development in Pula.” Mikel Lauzurica Evolet, director of NK Istra 1961

“We are extremely happy to establish this cooperation between clubs from two different sports. NK Istra 1961 is a symbol of the city of Pula while KK Pula 1981 is currently in the mission of returning Pula basketball to a serious position in Croatia. We believe that this cooperation points out that the main goal is to promote and increase the quality of Pula and Istrian sport, both in senior and in youth competition.” Leo Križman, Sports Director of Pula 1981