A press conference was held today on the occasion of the presentation of the new Istria 1961 player. The press conference was attended by sports director Dario Dabac and player Ivan Lučić.

Ivan Lučić joined us in the team! We were very lucky in bringing him. He was free on the market and after some negotiations, I saw that he wanted to change something in his career and that he wanted to come to Croatia. His CV looks really good and fits perfectly into some of our “frames”. We got one quality goalkeeper for the future and we are very happy that he is here with us and can compete equally for the team. – says the sports director.

I easily fit into the team, everyone accepted me nicely. It is important to me that I know the language and that I can communicate with everyone. For now, I am very satisfied and I am absolutely ready to start training and matches. – says Ivan Lučić.

Welcome to green yellow!