A press conference was held today before the match of the 7th round with Šibenik. The match is scheduled for August 28 starting at 9 p.m. The press conference was attended by head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Luka Marin.

I think that Šibenik is a good team and that we will definitely have a difficult match. As always, we will try to impose ourselves and get the best out of the match. They have good and fast players, and if you are not well organized they can quickly surprise you. The key to the match will certainly be our good organization; we are going to win, says coach Gonzalo Garcia.

Šibenik is very dangerous on the counters, we will try to play our game and we will not change anything. For us as a team, the victory against Osijek meant a lot, especially mentally, but also on the table. The team is ready and I expect an interesting match from both sides, says Luka Marin.