Today, a press conference was held ahead of the match of the 18th round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with Slaven Belupo, which is scheduled for Friday, January 20, starting at 5 pm. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Einar Galilea announced the match.

Hello everyone! Here we are back on the field after the break and my players are very excited that the league is starting. We want to start competing, we want to keep fighting. Tomorrow we start against Slaven Belup, who had an excellent result in the first part of the season. For the first three weeks, we focused more on the physical fitness of the players and getting them in the best possible shape. After the Christmas break, in which they worked individually according to the given program, we returned to the preparations. We worked as best as we could, and the players feel completely ready. I am satisfied with how the team is arranged at the moment, especially now that we have more options for the wing – Lisica is back, also Duvnjak and Abdallahi. We were active in this break and we can’t wait for tomorrow’s match. Against the Slaven Belupo you have to set yourself up from the beginning, because they punish any loss of concentration or withdrawal during the game – they usually win such matches. We have to be more aggressive tomorrow and arrange our game because Slaven will certainly start to press from the beginning. They have experienced players like Krstanović and Marina, so tomorrow we will go into the match as strong as possible from the first minute. It will be very demanding, but I have confidence in us, said coach Garcia.

We are back after almost two months since the last league game; it was a long break. Of course, we actively prepared, played a lot of friendly matches that we tried to approach as seriously as possible, but of course they cannot be compared to the championship matches that we normally love to play. I have a feeling that we are confident and that tomorrow we will show our readiness and do a good job! This season, in my opinion, we look and act more mature, and against Slaven, I think that it is necessary to just endure those minutes that pressure or create interruptions. We may be a team with a different approach to football, but their style of play is clearly skillful and successful. There is no right or wrong, we just approach the game differently. Furthermore, all the players who came really work hard, and so do the rest of us, in order to prepare as well as possible for the matches, and in addition, I feel that we are quite connected with each other, which is also essential for a good success. We have to maintain our identity and our game on the field tomorrow, and three games in a row at home is a great joy for us and our fans. See you tomorrow! – Einar addressed the media.