A press conference was held today before the start of the championship and the match of the 1st round of the HT first league, which we are playing this Sunday against Hrvatski Dragovoljac. The press conference was attended by head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Slavko Blagojevic.

We are happy for the start of the season. We are missing a few players, but we have trained well and we are looking forward to the start of the competition. The players did a really great job in the preparations, they came to the training every day with an open mind and accepted new ideas, they tried to do the best of all the given tasks. I am very pleased with that part. Every single player wants to progress and wants more, and that’s what every coach wants. We watched the games of Hrvatski Dragovoljac and we have a picture of them, they are well organized in defense, they have speed in their legs and they are a physically strong team, but we will see the real situation on the field this Sunday, says coach Gonzalo Garcia.


We did a really hard work and I can say that I am satisfied with how we did it. A new coach came up with new ideas and I think we accepted them very well. The atmosphere in the team is positive, and all in all I think we are ready and we can’t wait for the first game to start, says Slavko Blagojević.