A press conference was held today ahead of the match of the 34th round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with Gorica, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 13, starting at 19:10. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Luka Hujber announced the match.

The last three games are ahead of us. We start tomorrow with Gorica and a tough game awaits us. Their luck has changed a lot, but it’s not just luck, they’ve also progressed, they’re a good team, they’ve collected a lot of points. Certainly one of the best teams in the second part of the season. We will try to forget about the last match with Gorica, which was one of the craziest in the whole season, we will fight and try to take three points tomorrow at Drosina. Mathematically, we still have a chance for Europe, but of course everything depends on the remaining three games ahead of us. The players are ready, motivated, they are training well and we will fight until the last game, says coach Garcia.

The atmosphere in the team is at a high level. We secured our stay, and now we are fighting for Europe, and that is the basis of a good atmosphere in the team. As for Gorica, we are expecting a difficult match because we are playing against a team that is fighting for survival and is on a very good positive streak, with 7 games without defeat, which speaks greatly of them. Everyone wrote them off, but they showed character and that they are a serious team, so we have to be careful tomorrow. We hope to win in front of our fans and to conclude another game – we expect three points, says Luka Hujber.