Today, a press conference was held ahead of the match of the 16th round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with Gorica, which is scheduled for Friday, November 4, starting at 6 pm. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Lovro Majkić announced the match.

Morning everyone! Tomorrow we have a match with an opponent who is in last place, but that is not their realistic place. That’s exactly why I expect a tough match – when you’re at the bottom, you fight harder. They have very good individuals, but we have to try hard to win points. In the last match with Gorica, our good period started – in the first half, Majkić saved us a lot, but after that we opened up and finished well. They have a lot of good players in attack and fast players who can pull. They may have some internal problems at the moment, but they can always prove dangerous going forward, so we know roughly what to expect. The players are happy with the last victories, but in the last period, out of 11 games, we lost only two, it seems to me, so the atmosphere is great. After the match with Šibenik, we were not satisfied, but when training started in the new week and everyone had a good attitude to continue. In football, anything is possible – one week you are a winner, the next week you are a disaster. I believe that people should continue to support us, both when it’s bad and when it’s good, it means a lot to us, said coach Garcia.

We have a very good team coming, which is not blessed with luck at the moment and does not deserve to be in that position. I believe that they will enter the match with 200% and of course they will hunt to get as close to us as possible. It would be ideal for us to get three points, because it would mean a lot to us if we played calmly against Lokomotiva, and then have a period to rest. Rijeka was just a game as every other, and every single match is important to us. Of course it’s nice when all the fans are cheering you on. I expect both the Demons, who are always there, and the “ordinary” people to come support us, because they certainly prefer to watch someone who has a winning record. I’m not the only one responsible for the missed goals – we work as a team and my defense does a great job, as do the other players. Training is difficult from the beginning regardless of the result, but of course it is always easier to train after a victory. Everyone gives 100% and I hope we will do the same tomorrow, Lovro said at the conference.