A press conference was held today before the postponed match of the 4th round with GNK Dinamo. The match is scheduled for this Wednesday, December 15, starting at 6:00 p.m.

The press conference was attended by head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Luka Marin.

Tomorrow we will play against one of the best teams in the HNL. I think tomorrow will be a great opportunity to compete and play a good game, as we played last time with them in Maksimir. I think we have a chance, if we are aggressive and show our best sides, says coach Gonzalo Garcia.


Dinamo is always the favorite with whoever plays in the league. We certainly have our chances, I think we can jeopardize them. They are in a good line now and they will do everything to win, but I think we have a good team and if we play good football, we can endanger them, says Luka Marin.