A press conference was held today before the match with Hrvatski Dragovoljac. The match is scheduled for Sept. 27, starting at 6 p.m. The press conference was attended by head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Einar Galilea.

Tomorrow is an important match ahead of us, for us and for them. We play a league where it is very easy to climb a couple of places above, also below, so tomorrow is a great opportunity for us. Hrvatski Dragovoljac is a good team, they have a new coach, new players and they know what they are doing on the field. Their qualities are more seen now than at the beginning of the season, and we have to take our chances, says coach Gonzalo Garcia.


We are going to Zagreb for three points each. We know it will be difficult, they are a good team and have their own style of play, but we will do our best to break through to the goal, create as many chances as possible and take three points. It will be a real fight. For us, points are very important and three points would mean a lot to us, says Einar Galilea.