Last Friday, we were visited at the stadium by the kindergarten group Cvjetići, from DV Pula, together with their wonderful teachers Tina and Melita! We made a tour of the entire stadium to show the children our outdoor and indoor areas and talk about the most interesting events and players. Of course, Grgo joined us to make the visit even sweeter, and after the whole tour – we headed down to the pitch to meet the little ones with green and yellows! Delighted with the players, Cvjetići ran to present them with a beautiful poster they made to give the players support, which is now standing in the dressing room and gives the team some extra motivation before training and matches! Finally, we ran around with the ball on the second pitch and tried our luck at penalty kicks. To always remember this visit, we made some nice photos together, which you can view below! Thank you to the teachers for the initiative and quality experience, both for the children and for us! 💚💛