Yesterday we played a friendly match with NK Jadran Poreč at Zelena Laguna football camp. Green yellows entered the match decisively and overpowered the home team in attack and defense. Although the home team held their own and defended well, sent every ball away and tried to cover our players, Kopljar ​​(19′), Bakrar (45’+) and Šimić (70′) lead us to a convincing victory. The heat and heavy air made the conditions on the field difficult, but during the match the referee made several breaks so that the players could freshen up.

Starting 11: Lučić, Antovski, Navarro, Vujnović, Perković, Duvnjak, Kadušić, Žgomba, Travaglia, Kopljar, Bakrar.

The course of the match went like this:

1′ We have started!

7′ First corner for the home team, Lučić kicks the ball.

10′ Our team tried to score, but the ball was cleared.

12′ Foul on Duvnjak, the ball is ours.

19′ Kopljar scores for 1-0, Travaglia assists.

25′ Duvnjak tried, but unfortunately a little over the goal.

30′ Kopljar ​​sent a strong ball, but the defense of the home team is in place.

’35 Kadušić is on the floor, the ball is ours.

36′ Navarro earned a yellow card.

45′ Kopljar ​​shoots hard again, but the home goalkeeper saves it.

45’+ Bakrar scores for 2-0 with an assist from Duvnjak!

45′ Second half. Šimić entered instead of Bakrar.

50′ Vujnović tried with his head, but it went right into the hands of Jadran’s goalkeeper.

52′ Free kick for the home team, Lučić defends.

60′ Entered Hujber, Mlinar, Cukon, Petković, Bradarić, Maurić, Barišić and Paus.

65′ Fighting second half, the home team defends well.

70′ Šimić scores for 3-0 with an assist from Navarro.

90′ The end!