Mr. Frank Bakša is one of the most loyal supporters of NK Istra 1961, who is proof that the love of sports has no obstacles!

Franko is a loyal fan of Istra 1961, who follows every match from the stands, even though he is a blind person. He always loved football; back in his childhood, he played football with a ball attached to bells at the Vinko Bek School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Visual impairment was not an obstacle to playing football, and the hobby later grew into true love.
He began to follow Istra when they entered the first league, and was accompanied by his son, who, along with his dad, also became a great football fan. As Frank's son Ivan tells us, football was a topic they could talk about for hours!
At the matches, it is John who describes to the blind father every detail of the game, in order to understand the match as much as possible. After each match, they analyze each goal and every single detail together. They discuss what could have been better in the game, and what moves they particularly liked
As Franco tells us, the big difference is watching the match at home and in the stadium. At home one cannot experience that explosion of excitement, that cheer of the fans and the murmurings of spectators from the stands. That's the real fan energy that drives it!

We asked Mr. Bakshi what his forecasts are for this season and if he has any favorite player in Istria - listen to the interview below!

Thank you Franco for cheering me on! With fans like this, our hearts are full!