Business club of Group Baskonia Alaves continues growing, thanks to the expansion to Croatia though NK Istra 1961. The development of this networking brings companies linked to the groupation to expand and invest in new markets.
During the last week, NK Istra 1961 hosted several representatives of companies in the business club of Group Baskonia Alavés, connecting them with different sponsors and partners of the club, and with many different croatian companies.

As a result, NK Istra 1961 established the first sponsorship agreement with a company within the business club signing an agreement Orka Holding – the owners of the internationally known fashion brands Damat and Tween, currently working in 85 countries all over the world!
This way, giant company is opening horizons towards our market, with the interest of expanding its business in Croatia.

Through successful business between NK Istra 1961 and Baskonia Alaves group, our project continues to grow. One of the main goals of the project is to expand the investment, which be achieved together by bringing international companies to areas where they have not yet implemented their business. In this way, the business project grows into an international trade project, which allows international and domestic companies to expand into new areas and markets.

In the near furute, we will certainly strive to bring new companies to our market and arrange new collaborations – we may soon announce four new collaborations of international interest. In addition to international, our goal is to establish cooperation with domestic, Croatian companies, which would open the way to the international market and connect them with the Baskonia Alaves Group.