According to the decision of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, next season it will be possible for spectators to enter the stadium, following certain rules.


When entering the stadium, spectators will need to have:
1. Identity card
2. EU digital COVID certificate
3. Ticket


Who can get an EU digital COVID certificate?
People who have been vaccinated
People with a negative PCR or antigen test
A negative PCR test result should not be older than 72 hours from the time of swab collection, and an antigen test result should not be older than 48 hours after sampling.
People who got over Covid-19
A person can request a digital Covid certificate only on the 11th day after the first positive PCR test, and the certificate is valid for 180 days.


The conditions for entering the stadium apply to both children and adults.
We ask all fans for understanding and patience when buying tickets, and we please spectators to continue wearing protective masks on their faces and maintain a distance.

Let’s stay responsible and healthy, and enjoy the season ahead of us together!