At today’s press conference, sports director Saša Bjelanović presented to the media the new player of Istra 1961, Welcome, Ville Koski!

Ville Koski has been with us since the beginning of December and continued training during the preparations. I am pleased that he is with us as he is a young, powerful player who won us over with his positivity and energy, but also with his football qualities. I think we got a player who will be heard about in the future.

We tried to bring him back in the summer, he was one of our options, but we were unable to find a common language with his then club. What is very important is that he decided to come to Istra, despite the interests of other clubs, perhaps of a bigger name and rank, says sports director Saša Bjelanović.

I feel nice and welcome in Istra from the first day. The team has accepted me very well, everyone is nice and welcoming, they train hard and have quality. We played and won all the Arena Cup games, I think it’s a very good start. Together, we need to press hard and better results will come in the championship matches in the rest of the season.

I haven’t played an official game with the team yet, but it seems to me that I can already see the differences in the style of football  from the Finnish league; in Finland, the game is played more slowly, with tactics, a lot of thought is put into each move… Here, the game is allowed to flow, the game is much more direct, there are a lot more duels, but I like this kind of game even more. As a player, I can say that I am a very mobile defender, aggressive in defense, I can play both long and short passes.
I’m happy to be here, the weather is nice, so that’s definitely a plus in the whole story, says Ville Koski.