Today, a press conference was held ahead of the match of the 31st round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with Osijek, which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26, starting at 3:00 pm. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Luka Marin announced the match.

We have a long trip ahead and a match against a demanding team. It is true that right now they are in a weaker moment and that will surely change soon, but I hope not at our match. My players, like the rest of the season, are going to continue with a good game and idea, so we will see what the result will be. Matheus and Majstorović will not go to Osijek due to injury, and Einar has three yellow cards. I think that there were a lot of changes on the bench of Osijek this season, from the coach to the players, and the last game, for example, they dropped their chance at the last moment, and unfortunately that also happens sometimes. I think it’s important that our players are fit and fresh, and given that I rotate them a lot, at the moment everyone is ready except for the ones already mentioned. It will not be easy against Osijek – they have quality players, they are organized and they like to play good football. In the last period, we only lost to Slaven, and with other teams we played hard games and had good results for us, said coach Garcia at the press conference.

As the coach said, we have a difficult away game and a long trip ahead of us, but I think that we showed a good game and continuity the other day against the league favourite. I believe that we are going to Osijek in a good swing forward and that we can achieve victory. We have the width of the squad and there will certainly be some changes in these two games, but we will be able to push due to freshness and energy. We’re going there for three points and I think we are showing good football at the moment. As for Osijek, yes, they are now without a coach, but certainly with any coach they have quality, physical fitness and always play in a similar way. We are not under pressure because of Europe, but we are enjoying the good results and points we have collected this season. The fight for Europe will be interesting because we see that from 3rd to 8th place on the table there is a difference of a couple of points. On Saturday, there was a great atmosphere, more people in the stands, a better pitch with more vegetation, finally it wasn’t Friday. It was good weather and a nice afternoon, said Luka.