Today, a press conference was held ahead of the match of the second round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League, which is scheduled for Friday, July 22, starting at 8 pm. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Luka Hujber announced the match.

Tomorrow we have a demanding match against an opponent who has returned to the league and certainly has a strong attack. It is a team that is still adjusting, but they have the desire to play. I don’t know exactly how we will enter the game, but certainly more aggressive and compact, we want to be the “us” on the field. It will be a battle on the field, so we have to be ready, stated coach Garcia.

We prepared as well as possible for this match, we got to know their strengths and weaknesses. I know the players from Varaždin and they have a lot of quality, but we play at home in Drosina and they will ask us something too. We need to strive for our game, be quite aggressive and show that we are going for three points, said Luka at the conference.