Today, a press conference was held ahead of the match of the 19th round of the SuperSport Croatian Football League with HNK Hajduk Split, which is scheduled for Sunday, January 29, starting at 5:10 p.m. At the conference, head coach Gonzalo Garcia and player Ante Erceg announced the match.

Greetings! On Sunday, we expect a nice match against a challenging opponent. They are coming here to win, but we want the same, so I know we have a demanding match ahead of us. Hajduk also comes with a new coach, and we noticed that he wants to see his team with more aggressiveness and sharpness on the field, and this is a change for both them and us, considering that they have already changed several coaches this season. We don’t want to go into the match with calculations, but we are going to push our game and stick to it. In the first round, unfortunately, we were not yet a complete team, that’s why we lost, while in the second match of the half-season with Hajduk we were close to finish with 3 points, but received a goal in the last moment and finished with a draw. We are often awarded penalties against them, so we have to pay attention to that as well. Marko Livaja is an excellent player, along with others like Krovinović and Kalik, and we must not give him space to break through or leave him unattended. We will not change our game, but try to impose it. On our side, everyone is ready for the match, the only player who is missing is Rovis due to surgery, while Matheus and Mounsef will be available. We are looking forward to the game in our home pitch, said coach Garcia.

Hajduk is a very good team, aggressive, and we saw that they have a lot of crosses, that they have a lot of players in the end, and we know that we have a tough game ahead of us. Hajduk is the favorite, but we will do our best and leave our heart on the field, resist their pressure and try everything to get a favorable result. The team is eagerly awaiting the match in front of a full stadium, the atmosphere between us is great and that’s one more reason for us to go full on! Last game with Hajduk we showed that we can handle them, especially in Poljud because we almost won. I expect a lot of breaks, crosses and such, we have to resist that as we have practiced all week. I think I see our chance and advantage in the fact that we are more “relaxed” and without pressure, while Hajduk has more pressure and euphoria from their fans, and they feel the same way even when they play friendly matches, let alone league matches. We try to score every game and we want to play attacking football as much as possible. As a group, we are together and although we score a little, we also concede a little, and everything will move forward and come into its own through the rest of the season, Ante Erceg said to the press.