Today, a press conference was held on the occasion of the presentation of two new players of Istra 1961, namely Iurie Iovu and Reda Boultam. At the conference, they were presented by the sports director, Mr. Saša Bjelanović.

Hello everyone. We will present two of our new players today. There is Iurie Iovu – a young international player. He comes to us as a stopper on loan with an option to buy. He has experience in Italian football and the A national team of Moldova, which speaks enough about his qualities. We look at it as a long-term project. There is also Reda Boultam, who is also coming on loan. This is an extremely high-quality player from Ajax’s school, who also spent several years in Italy. This is a midfielder who can play multiple positions and be technically excellent, Saša said at the conference.

I am Iurie, a representative of Moldova. I am happy that I accepted this challenge and came to the club – everyone is friendly and I really like the training sessions and the coaches. I want to train as well as possible in order to fulfill my goals and the goals of the coach. I rely on my right foot, and I can play both left and right in the back row. From this season, I expect strong trainings, good play and maybe even the middle of the table for this season. The atmosphere between us in the locker room is great and everyone accepted me quickly, said Iurie.

I am Reda, I come from the Netherlands, and in the last four years I have changed several clubs in Italy. I play all midfield positions and I would say that I am a technically good player who also likes to run a lot. I like the vision of the club and the team, and that gives me an additional incentive to become a better player and make our season successful. I want to prove myself as a good player this season, and I expect that as a team we will continue to work hard and behave in every game as if we want to win, regardless of the opponents. Everyone in the club is friendly and helpful, and the coaches and team are great, said Reda.