Koprivnica hosted the 7th Special Power League Tournament this weekend, a handball and soccer competition for children with disabilities. The idea of ​​this project is to motivate children with disabilities (mental disabilities, physical disabilities, socially disadvantaged, minorities, etc.) to integrate actively to society through sport. The project was designed based on the fact that children with disabilities do not have the opportunity to play sports adequately.

NK Istra 1961, in cooperation with Škola za odgoj i obrazovanje from Pula, has been gathering a team of children with disabilities. For two years now, they train hard and participate in tournaments!

Led by the SPL team coach Milovan Lazendic, this weekend’s tournament players were:
David Sandric – Mauro Zovic – Tomislav Pejic – Zlatko Miskovic – Gilbert Pilat – Krunoslav Furjan – Patrick Sajfar – Sandro Kecman – Stefano Hodak – Esad Bajramovic Kobra.

Thanks to the hosts of the 7th Special Power League Tournament – we look forward to seeing you again!